Every time we receive an old paraglider we are happy and excited to know the story of its previous life.

Frédéric Montet, a great acro competitor, came to us to give us his old wing, a very special object due to the long hours of flight shared, the challenges overcome and the trust that it generated in each one of the acrobatics.

We know that a very special bond is generated between each pilot and his wing. And Fred is an example of that.

The day he came to our workshop, we shared tea and he told us about his incredible experiences. We also show him all of the upcycled products we make from paraglider fabrics that other pilots like him previously donated. He was especially interested in notebook sleeves.

So we offered to make his sleeves with a detail of his old paraglider so that it will remain as an eternal memory.

Written by Georg Hoedle

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